Academic Focus: Thematic Learning

While HLA – Northrop offers a well-rounded curriculum, this year our whole school will have a special emphasis on Thematic Learning. When scholars participate in Thematic Learning, they explore one theme or topic in multiple subject areas. For example, scholars may study the life cycle of trees in science class, paint pictures of trees in art, read about trees in English, sing about trees in music, and use leaves in counting exercises in math. This helps scholars make connections between all aspects of learning.

Extracurricular Activities

HLA-Northrop provides lots of fun activities for our scholars and parents throughout the year. Be sure not to miss out on our exciting In-school and Family Events, like:

  • Festival of Nations
  • Family Literacy Night
  • Book-o-Ween
  • Book swaps
  • Math Night

And much, much more!

Check out our Events Calendar. Families will also be notified of upcoming events through our student newsletter.

2019 – 2020
School Supply List




  1. Read Every Night – Scholars should read for 20 minutes every night as part of their homework. This will help them become great readers and strengthen their skills in other subjects, too.
  2. Attend School Daily – Daily attendance is the most important part of learning. Make sure scholars are in school every day to keep growing academically.
  3. Stay Active & Explore – Active children are more engaged learners. Make sure you get out there and combine physical activity with mental activity: ride your bikes, play with your friends, explore your neighborhood, parks, lakes and all the fun things that Minneapolis has to offer!



HLA – Northrop teachers are available to talk on the phone to answer questions and help with homework.