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Leadership Team

Daniela Srini Vasan

Principal | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop

dvasan@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612.462.2369 | Office: 612.455.4004

Daniela Srini Vasan is the founding principal of Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop. Daniela speaks Spanish and French. She attended the University of Virginia and earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Georgia State University. After graduating, she served as a Teach For America corps member in Atlanta, Georgia where she taught third and fifth grade. Daniela loves to spend time with her family, travel and experience new cultures, study languages, volunteer in the community, and explore the Twin Cities. One of the best parts about working at Hiawatha Academies is working with families and students every day.

Shadelle Ware

Dean of Students

sware@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-408-5582

Sofia Vladimirova

Operations Team

Diana Agudo

Office Assistant

dagudo@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-743-5825

Kels Bruun-Bryant

Director of Operations

kbruunbryant@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-730-3371

Natasha Villanueva

Transporation and Operations Coordinator

nvillanueva@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-455-4033 | Office: 612-267-2286

Teaching Staff

Adrian Turner

Physical Education Teacher

aturner@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-208-7449

Alicia Alexander

Amanda Snyder

Aubrey Noonan Hendry

Kindergarten Teacher

ahendry@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-236-6302

Christopher Vaughan

Fourth Grade Teacher

cvaughan@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 413-281-1268

Cristina Selvan-Morfin

Emily Cook

First Grade Teacher


Habibo Kalifa

Hilary Kirsch

Kindergarten Teacher

hkirsch@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 952-607-7622

Jasmine Engler

Jennifer Hernandez

Jess Lyons

Fourth Grade Teacher


Jessie Damsgard

Jordan Ebel

Second Grade Teacher

jebel@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-584-1817

Kiah Young-Burns

Kindergarten Teacher

kyoungburns@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-964-1328

Kylie Hanschman

Spanish Language Specialist

khanschman@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 319-329-3383

Lindsey Niznik

First Grade Teacher

lniznik@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-306-1435

Maggie Rowan

First Grade Teacher

lgrant@hiawathaacademies.org Office: 612-455-4004

Michael Seely

Special Education Teacher

mseely@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-310-8116

Peggy O’Mahoney Short

Special Education Teacher


Rachel Archer

Special Education Teacher

rarcher@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-327-7823

Sarah Spainhower

Sheila Willson

Third Grade Teacher

swillson@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-807-4695

Tasha McGuire

Tessa Buschmann

Student Support

Andrea Everson

Jen Alfaro-Glover

Student Success Coach

jalfaro@hiawathaacademies.org | Mobile: 612-807-3146

Jen Zeidman